About Molech Dawid

Molech Dawid is a 15 year old young man who grew up without his Father for most of his life, he also lost his grandfather who he loved dearly, when he was only 4 years old; however he was and still is determined to make the best life for himself with the encouragement and love of his Mother and the unconditional support and love of his little Sister, who is his biggest fan along with his Grandmother.

Molech Dawid  has been singing and writing songs since he was 6 years old and soon after, he learned how to play instruments to also produce music for his and other songs at 11 years old. During this same year, he also became a published author and amazingly wrote and published his first book entitled: “Up, Down, In and Around Quotes”.

Molech Dawid became a musical and artist  prodigy writing books, producing the music for himself, his Mother Batayah  and his little Sister Princess Davorah and many others as well as creating and creating and producing podcast shows.

His musical production and singing skills were all displayed in his projects entitled: “The Dictionary of… Book 1 EP”, “The Dictionary of.. Book 2”, “EVE’S DECENDENTS” and his latest single entitled: “without you”

Molech Dawid was a member of the Raleigh Boy’s Choir and The North Carolina MLK All Children’s Choir while simultaneously participating in runway modeling events for different agencies throughout the USA and was a guest on the television show “Kevin Probably Saves The World”. In 2018 he received an achievement award from the State of North Carolina for Outstanding Yputh Achievements.

With all of his accomplishments, Molech Dawid has been known for his very special gift of  always staying positive and spreading light and love wherever he goes because he knows that his gifts comes from the Most High, who leads and guides him on his journey called life.